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As a passport agent in Delhi, we helps people to get a new passport, renew an old one or make correction in existing. Along with passport we also helps to get VISA, Pan card and birth certificate.

Our Services

We are specialised in passport services.

Apply New Passport

We help our clients in applying for a new passport and we also guide them from time to time to ensure that no documents are amiss.

Renewal of Passport

After a certain time, you need to renew your passport for traveling abroad. So we assist you in filing all the necessary paperwork for this step.

Correction In Passport

If you need any correction or changes in the passport , then we are always ready to help you through the correction process.

Tatkal Passport

If there is some emergency and so you need to get your passport urgently then we can assist you to get it within a short time frame.

Lost & Damaged Passport

If you have lost your passport or you have damaged it somehow by mistake then we can help you in filing the documents with the passport office.

Kids and Child Passport

If you have small kids and you have to travel with them to abroad then we can help you in acquiring the minor passports for them.

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Frequently asked questions

A passport is a travel document issued by a country’s government to its citizens that verifies the identity and nationality of the holder for the purpose of international travel. Passports are small booklets that typically contain the bearer’s name, place of birth, date of birth, the date of issue, date of expiry, passport number, photo and signature.

All private citizens applies for an ordinary passport however the other two types of passports are for government workers who are being send overseas on official business only.

There are three types of passports that are issued

  • Regular/Ordinary Passport: The regular passport is basically the one that comes in a navy blue color. This type of passport is generally issued to the normal people of the country who need to visit abroad for general purposes like education, business, medical emergency, tourism, etc. So, if you are a normal guy, this is the type of passport that you will be issued for traveling abroad.
  • Diplomatic Passport: The diplomatic passport usually comes in a maroon cover. This passport is not meant for the general public and is only issued to the government diplomats and top-ranking government officials in India. This passport basically means authorities. So, if you see someone carrying this type of passport then it means that the person in inquiry is at a significant position with the government of India.
  • Official Passport: The last type of passport is called an official passport. It comes in a white cover. As you would have probably guessed by now, this type of passport is again not meant for the general public. It is only given to people who are traveling abroad for official business. So, if you find this passport on someone then it is a sign that he is in the foreign nation for the purpose of representing the government of India.

You can qualify for Indian citizenship by being born in the country, being born elsewhere but with at least one Indian parent, or by being granted citizenship through a naturalization process. If none of these categories apply you will not be classed as an Indian citizen, and will not be entitled to an Indian passport.

Passports are important legal documents and if you lose your passport or suspect it might have been stolen, this has to be reported to the Police. You can then apply to have your passport reissued.

As per Govt. the standard timeline is 30 days from the date of application.

This is the service, allowing you to obtain your passport in a shorter time. It costs twice as much as the standard passport service but is a good option for people who require their passport in a hurry.

Tatkaal Passport takes 3-4 working days excluding date of submission and without Police Verification

The fees paid are valid for one year from the appointment date.

Affidavit with details of how a passport got damaged or was lost (Annexure L) No Objection Certificate (Annexure M) / Prior Intimation Letter (Annexure N) Current address (proof) / Address Proof / Identity Proof Police report (FIR) Semi-literate or literate applicants: Affidavit sworn before a notary stating the place and date of birth (Annexure A) Photocopy of the first and last pages of old passport (ECR/Non-ECR page), if available (optional) Passport-size photographs

Applicants with confirmed appointments, due to any reason/reasons if you are not able to make the visit on appointment date, you can cancel or reschedule the appointment for 2 times with in that year of first appointment date.

PSK – Passport Service Kendra – is the passport office where you can get information about your passport and apply for either a new passport or renewal of an existing passport. There are dozens of different PSK offices across India.

If you have lost your passport while overseas, or have moved overseas permanently but want to renew an Indian passport, then Indian Embassies, Consulates and High Commissions across the globe can perform the same services as the passport offices in India.

No, the PSK core hours are between 9.30am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. They are not open at the weekend, even for urgent issues. Make an appointment online for a time which is most convenient for you.

The police verification stage is an important security measure with regard to the issuance of passports in India to crosscheck the antecedents of an individual.

Indian passports have two languages on them, English and Hindi. There is no option to choose to have passports issued in other languages.

Below mode of online payment is available

  • Debit / Credit Card
  • SBI Bank challan
  • Internet Banking

You have to attend in person for your passport interview, even if you are ill or if it is very inconvenient for you to do so. You are allowed to bring someone with you for your passport interview if you find it difficult to travel.

Why should you trust us?

These are the factors that help us in offering promising results to our clients!

Expert agents and consultants

Our agency only hires agents and consultants who are experienced and learned, thus ensuring that we are capable of offering you all the required assistance.

We have a committed team

We have a committed team of expert consultants who work around the clock to ensure that you face no difficulties with your travel plans.

Friendly ties with the passport offices

Our passport agency has affectionate relationships with passport authorities and offices which helps us in ensuring the best services to our customers.

24/7 Customer Support

Being India’s best Passport service provider, offers always-available and responsive support for customers.

What our customers say

See the results of our latest Customer Satisfaction and key customer testimonials.

V Banu
V Banu
Thanks to Ms.Richa for the outstanding support extended in my passport application form filling. Dependable person and always willing to go a extra mile in supporting old aged people. Wish you good luck. God bless!!
Venkatesan Prabhakar
Venkatesan Prabhakar
Excellant Support from Baba Services especially Ms. Richa Kalia who has been an outstanding support in submitting the application form. She is a dedicated and reliable person for the purpose of Passport online form submission and provide support till the end. Fabulous perso n who us good at heart and a thorough professional
Sandip Sengupta
Sandip Sengupta
Brilliant experience ! All through this journey Richa and her people supported. This is 3rd time I have availed their services and always worked well for me and my family.
Reema Aggarwal
Reema Aggarwal
They give excellent services regarding issue & renewal of passports..v professional & trustworthy services.
Amazing experience…. Work done on a single phone call and same day……best service provider in delhi
nikum sandeep
nikum sandeep
Very helpful and responsive,Richa mam was available throughout the process.
Jyoti Kushwaha
Jyoti Kushwaha
Thank you so much Mr. Lokesh for the work done. I really appreciate it. Hansel free and trustworthy professional services. They are really knowledgeable about the process was able to guide us quickly with the documents and application process. I would recommend all to trust and get the work done 💯 ✅ Very genuine people. Regards 👍
suruchi talwar
suruchi talwar
Excellent service , behaviour also good
Email Message
Email Message
It was superfast service, so smooth.Richa ji exactly did what she said.she told me she will take the passport appointment after next 2 days which she really did! We went to passport office and everything went really smooth.perfect service!! Thanks so much!!!

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