Do Both Parents Need To Be Present For their Child Passport in India

do_both_parents for their chaild passportin india

The passport is an important document for the citizens of India. This is both because, without a passport, the citizens of India are not allowed to travel overseas, and also because the Passport is considered a legal identifying document in our country. In the passport, one’s name, date of birth, address and other identifying information is mentioned hence, it is used as a legal verifying document in our country.

So, if you want to get the passport issued for your child, then here are some details that you should know.

How to get the Passport issued for your child?

If you are planning a family trip abroad and you want to take your child with you, then he should have a passport on him to make that journey.

Now, in order to do that you can follow the passport issuance procedure for the kids. However, following that procedure can be a little daunting for you considering that you will have to visit the passport office again and again to understand the passport issuance procedure and to arrange the documents. But don’t you worry about that because if you do not want to manage all this on your own and instead you are looking for help, then you can always rely upon us to make your work easy.

We can assist you with the documents and get your appointment scheduled, after that all you will need to do will be to appear for the scheduled interview along with your child!

Do both the parents need to be a part of the process?

If you are getting the passport issued for your kid, and if both the parents are available to visit the PSK, then the passport application along with the required documents and Annexure H should be submitted.

However, if under certain circumstances one of the parents is not available, even then, you can get your kid’s passport issued without any trouble. You would just need to submit Annexure G, instead of the Annexure H in that case.

So, basically, this means that the application can be accepted with the presence of a single parent too. Still you need any help, you can get help from any passport agent just go on Google and type passport agent near me, you will see many search result just select any top rated agent and call them for help.

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