8 Possible Reasons Your Passport Application Could Get Rejected For


Wish to travel abroad in the future for a trip or leisure? Will you be going to any other country for a business trip in near future? Traveling abroad can be because for many reasons. And the most important document you need for your travel is your passport.

What is a Passport?

A passport is an official document that is issued by the government that allows one to travel to other countries. This official document serves as one’s nationality and identity. A passport is also a document that is also your identity proof for any official work or identification within your own country. When you land in another country, the government authority of that country stamps your passport with their official seal.

How to Obtain a Passport?

Just like any other official document, your passport is issued when you apply for it, furnishing all the required details and supporting documents. Unlike earlier, now applying for the passport has become much easier, much thanks to the online process for it. You can contact a passport agent to know more about how to proceed.

Rejection of your passport Application – Can Your Passport Application Be Rejected?

Don’t assume that when you are applying for a passport, you will get that with 100% assurance. Many people get their passports rejected for some reason or other.

Possible Reasons for Rejection of Passport

Confusion in the application, sometimes too strenuous a process, interview date scheduling, and police verification complexity, there is so much one has to go through for getting their passport. Even after that, how it would feel to get your application rejected. And for what reason? Below we have appended some possible reasons that could lead to your application getting rejected:

  • Application Form Mistakes

Making mistakes in your form is something that you aren’t expected to commit, especially at an adult age. However, this is something that many people do, including leaving some columns or filling something wrong (even spelling mistakes too), and does become an unexpected reason for your application to get rejected. Make 100% sure you read the instructions carefully, at first, and then taking your time thoroughly fill out the form. Do not get hurried up in this.

  •  Signature Problem

This one is a basic thing but one that many people still do not put their focus on. No uniformity in signature across the forms and documents will have your application rejected.

  • Missing and Unclear Documents

There are several documents that you are required to submit with your application, proving your citizenship, as well as your identity, and much more. If you miss out on something, then be ready to see your application getting rejected. The application form along with the documents has to be clear in what info they are providing. Any unclear form or document will lead to your application being rejected.

  • Criminal History/Background

If you have a criminal history and you are being investigated in connection with an activity or such a case, the authorities won’t clear your name for your passport. If the government treats you as a figure related to controversies then you would also be denied a passport. Secondly, if you are being perceived that you may tarnish your own country’s image abroad or have some criminal intention, then you could be denied a passport.

  • Police Verification Problem

Police verification is an important process for your passport. If you have failed to mention your temporary address when you are living outside for some reason, or if you are not available at the time of police verification because you are constantly on the more, or there are other address issues that lead to problems in police verification, then they won’t verify you and your passport applications would get rejected.

  • Application Fee Non-Payment

Just like any other form submission, you are required to pay a certain fee for your passport application. And this fee has to be within a time period. In case you fail to do so, your application will get rejected.

  • Unpaid Loan Dues

Do you have unpaid dues on a loan, or credit card unpaid dues (payment not done on time)? This will put you in a debt trap and you might be seen as a defaulter.

  • Name Misprint

Things like these, and even issues like name misprint on the form or document can give you an identity of someone else (Bizarre it may sound but it does happen), and this also leads to rejection of the application.

Application Rejection Doesn’t Mean You can’t Apply the Second Time

If for any reason, as stated above, your application gets rejected it will put you in a bothered spot; but you shouldn’t get disheartened by it. Clearing out and rectifying the issue will enable you to apply for the application this time.

Whether it is the first time, or if you are re-applying after application rejection, ensure that you check out all the issues thoroughly, and cross-check every aspect before applying. If you feel that you can go wrong, better to get in touch with passport consultants to proceed rightly.

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